What is Event Marketing? The New Age Marketing Guide

Updated: May 15, 2020

People love to attend events. Some are quite keen about the details of the event, and the rest are just there for gratuitous wine.

It takes a lot to build a successful event, and one among the keys is Event Marketing. The Event Marketing Industry is evolving, and it is all about the build-up and goodwill you create. Event Marketing can be extremely daunting and overwhelming.

If only executed efficiently, will leave an indelible imprint of the exceptional experience that will resonate in the minds.

Event marketing focuses on creating life experiences, themed exhibits, displays or presentation to promote a brand, service, organization, cause or product. It is a process that entails leveraging in-person engagement between brands and their customers at various events like trade shows, seminars and conferences, etc. Each event is distinctive, it has a variety of audiences, content, and an exclusive way of culture.

To succeed, the event marketer needs to stay on the pinnacle of the event marketing recreation. We still see event Marketing as an imperative part of the broad horizon of modern marketing. Often people are oblivious of the need for event marketing.

Branding with Events

Why Event Marketing?

Sales with Event Marketing

Generating Sales

Marketing aims to sell a product or service, gain revenues. Events are competent enough for this purpose, generating sales. Whether the organisation, company, or brand is B2B or B2C, being there in person allows you to establish civilised relations.

Leads with Event Marketing

Creating leads

Event marketing plays a handful of role to generate leads. It is an opportunity for you to target various members of the intended audience in one place. It allows your company to interact with the requisite target demographics that already share a similar interest.

Brand Affinity with Event Marketing

Fabricating brand affinity

Events allow marketers to build relationships by offering that personal touch that digital can often lack. Brand affinity correlates to loyalty–a consumer is more likely to invest and buy a product from a company that he/she trusts and likes.

Brand Awareness with Event Marketing

Developing brand awareness

Events allow the company to advance and express its identity without any yellow journalism in the path, purely firsthand information. The consumer is more likely to connect in person than via advertisements broadcasted.

Launching a Brand with Event Marketing

Launching a brand/product/service

Events engage the customers in a highly personal manner. It’s an opportunity to inform and educate them about the products and services in a place where they’re more likely to be engaged.

People are likely inclined to acquire a product after attending an event.

Types of Event Marketing

Online Events

Online events gather presenters and participants via a web-based alliance and are inexpensive than in-person events. These enable us to reach out to topographically variant audiences.


Webinars revolves around presentations, conferences, or seminars delivered via the web. It facilitates interaction among associates, provides the opportunity to discuss information on web-based conferencing tools. It might be interactive and directed.

Live Streaming Events

These are up to date, trendy life events that one can stream to the viewers. We can conduct it with a gadget like web cameras or even one could hire a crew for superior quality streaming. Google+ Hangouts and other various platforms offer a live service that streams, record, and engages the audience with chat and new media functionality.

Virtual Events

Virtual events enable individuals to take part in a virtual setting that rubs the vibe of an offline event, by combining knowledge, networking, and interactive characteristics. Participants visit a virtual station wherein they can freely ask, enjoy and even pick up some virtual "Thang".

Physical Events / Offline Events

Offline events do require corporeal participation, and synergies to take place in frame. It requires more investment than virtual events, and offline events allow building vis-a-vis,rapport. Given an in person meet-can make on a loyal prospect.

Trade shows / Trade Expo's

They are a corporeal gathering of selves, gathered to exhibit and showcase their new launches, establish a strong presence in a market. Moreover, be abreast about the industrial know-how.


Conferences are company-specific marketing events that mobilise attendees to deliver information, more like summits. They usually take place on a grand scale for training, awareness or educational aspirations.


Seminars are smaller assemblages, roadshows, or field events. Some seminars can be more traditional, more formal style like interaction with an expert. And then there are roadshows, where marketers impart the company's message out to the public, employees or partners.

Types of Event Marketing

Technology and social integration are key components. Event marketing is an extremely significant tool for a successful event as knowledge is for a successful being.


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