How to run ads on instagram? Profitable ad campaigns

How to run ads on instagram?

The entire world is almost living a quarantined life from quite some time. To the rescue from your mundane life, is social media.

Instagram, the base of influencers, brands, bloggers, friends, entrepreneurs has 1 billion + monthly users. Instagram ads can yield wonders for any social media marketer, with over 900 million as the potential audience.

Instagram & its parent company, Facebook has far-reaching targeting options and tools with easy implementation. It is often the go-to platform for marketers to enhance their brand or services.

Here you will understand everything you need to know about how to advertise on Instagram with some taps.

Before running an Instagram Ad: 5 Steps

How to run ads on instagram?

You need to switch to the business account:

It will help schedule the posts, track performance with Instagram Insights, share Links in Instagram Stories and help with Instagram Ads.

Identify Your Competitors:

You need to be aware of your competitors. What ads they run, what CTA (call-to-action) they use, or what quantifiable engagement they get?

Decide your objectives:

There is a pre-list of campaign objectives that Instagram offers. Before anything, you need to decide what exactly does your advertisement revolves around. The selected objective will influence payments & ads optimization.

Identify your Target Audience:

Instagram Ads targeting is to find the potential buyer to advertise to- or who is most likely to complete the action you specified in your campaign purpose.

For example, if you're a freelancer that provides styling services, you will try to target people who are most likely to hire you for your exceptional styling acumen, displayed via high-resolution photographs and videos.

Fortunately, Instagram and Facebook ads have similar targeting options based on location, demographics, pursuits, habits, and more. The more targeted your ads are, the higher the chance of fulfilling your campaign objective.

Creating Instagram Advertising Creative:

There are a variety of Instagram ads: Photo Ads, Carousel Ads, Slideshow Ads, and Video Ads. You need to decide which type allows you to help accomplish your objective to reach out and engage the targeted audience.

Quick Bit: Instagram & Facebook use the same advertising platform.

How to Create an Instagram Ad: 5 Steps

How to run ads on instagram?

Step 1: Link Instagram Account to Facebook Page

How to run ads on instagram?

The initial step to create an Instagram ad - connect your Instagram Business account to your existing or create a Facebook page.

Go over to the settings of your Facebook page (an administrator) and click on Instagram Ads.

Next, click Add your Instagram to get started and fill in with your Instagram sign-in credentials and confirm.

Step 2: Create a Campaign

How to run ads on instagram?

Next step, move to the Facebook Ads Manager and click on create campaign left corner of the screen. Here you must choose your campaign objective.

Reminder: You need to have a conversion pixel installed on the website if your purpose is to increase conversions.

Select "Create a Pixel" on the Create New Ad Set Page for the same.

Step 3: Create Ad Set and Budget

How to run ads on instagram?

Once you've decided the objective, now create your Ad Set. Now you decide who you want to be with your audience, and how much you're willing to spend.

In case Custom Audiences already created, you select them for targeting with your Instagram ads.

Two options for budget-

  • A lifetime budget sets your ad up to run for a limited time, meaning the ads algorithm determines your entire spending over that period.

  • A daily budget installs your ad to run consistently throughout the day, the algorithm will automatically determine your spending per day.

Tip: Always start with less to spend. You can increase the budget if and all your ads give you the desired results.

Step 4: Choose the format

How to run ads on instagram?

When you're through with this, click Continue at the bottom of the page.

Next, you'll see an option for, use a single image or video in your ad, or multiple images for a Carousel ad. When decided, scroll down to upload your ad.

When through with the visuals, scroll down further and find an option -add text to your ad.

If you chose conversions as your campaign purpose, you'll be able to customize the call-to-action in your link.

Your CTA has a tremendous effect on your campaign's click-through and conversion rate, so always choose relevant to your offer and target audience. To the right of the text editor, you can preview how the ad will look on Instagram.

You can run an ad on both the platforms on Facebook and Instagram, but if you only want to run it on Instagram, make certain you have eliminated the other distribution options.

Step 5: Analyze or track results

How to run ads on instagram?

It's unlikely that your first time will be a charm. You need to edit and improve your Instagram Ad campaign.

Company size and the number of ads you plan to run should influence your choice for the perfect tool to track your Instagram advertising campaign.

Performance metrics will be available in the Ads Manager for Instagram Ads once you place your order.

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