Best 10 Instagram Analytics free tools you must use now!

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Instagram Analytics free tools

Instagram marketing efforts are often touch hit-and-miss. To bold Instagram marketing, Instagram analytics is imperative

Instagram Analytics is how you understand the performance of your posts and your account overall. Individual stats or performance of an account interpreted by Instagram Analytics, and observe patterns within the same.

This blog post will focus on everything about Instagram analytics, from what metrics and insights are available, to how to spice up your Instagram marketing.

Instagram Analytics free tools

Instagram’s Native Analytics

Instagram Insights:

Instagram does provide a lot of metrics and insights on 'Instagram Insights’ for free.

Top Posts:

Below the impressions section, you'll find a tab named Top Posts which will feature your top six posts of the past week, based on impressions.


Underneath the Top Posts section, you will find the “Stories” tab wherein you can get the insights for your Instagram stories.

If you've put a story within the past 24 hours, you'll be able to view the stats here.


Succeeding the stories section is the “Followers” tab, which shows the average times your followers are on Instagram on that day of the week.


The last section is “Promotions”. If you run Instagram ads, you can see their performance in this section.

Instagram Analytics free tools

10 Other Free Instagram Analytics Tools

There are many amazing Instagram tools which won't cost you even a copper, you could make use of, as an accompaniment to Instagram Insights.

Let’s briefly go through them:

1. Keyhole: Keyhole prides itself on fulfilling customers feedback. It's a real-time hashtag analytics company. You can use it to research your Instagram account or track a hashtag on Instagram.

2. SocialBakers: SocialBakers is an Instagram analytics tool for private and business profiles. You'll use it to urge statistics on your hottest Instagram posts, track your success, and learn what gets your audience double-tapping.

3. Squarelovin: Make the most of your Instagram account with this in-depth analytics tool. Get access to metrics on your recent posts and growth, a monthly analysis, and a history of your posts weakened into the year, month, day, and hour. Get more insights into your community preferences and interests with Squarelovin.

4. Simply Measured: Simply Measured, got by SproutSocial in December 2017. You can measure and enhance your social business strategy with Sprout Social Instagram analytics suite. The features include Track post-performance trends in hashtag usage, audience engagement and competitor data.

5. Union Metrics: The free Instagram analytics connects with Instagram to analyse the performance for the last 30 days on your account. Run it any time you would like a check-up for updated Instagram analytics. It includes insights on your posts and engagement and offers you key insights to improve.

6. Websta: Websta is a powerful Instagram analytics tool. It's a social network where you'll check info about your Instagram account every day with the latest updates. For instance, you'll create up to 3 custom feeds, reply to comments on your posts, and explore featured users and top hashtags.

7. INK 361: It makes it easy to review feeds, group images, like or follow people, scan for hashtags or locations. It also has a feature where you even create your albums that anyone tweeting a particular hashtag can increase. Besides those users-focused features, INK 361 also delivers basic statistics which will assist you to judge your reach, engagement, community-building efforts, and their change.

8. SocialRank: SocialRank is an Instagram management tool. It's the simplest, thanks to identifying, organise and manage your audience on social media. It's more of an audience insights tool than a knowledge analytics tool.

9. Pixlee: It's an efficient analytical tool. It captures the info that matters most and delivers it right into your inbox. The tool is free and doesn't require a Pixlee account. Pixlee believes in making it easy to gather social analytics to discuss your business decisions.

10. Picture. io: It's more limited as compared to tools you might use. But Picture. io has notable features that other tools might lack. For example, it gives you an easy Instagram influence score that assigns weights to your network size, engagement, and community interactions. All three metrics can assist you to make important decisions about your Instagram usage.

While Instagram's built-in analytics are very helpful, the ten tools listed above go far beyond those. You'll be in no time ready to identify your potential customers & what they are so keen about, and how to assist them with fresh stuff.

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